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I'm trying to come up with a list of positives that have come out of this season.  Here's what I've got so far...

  • Al Jefferson playing up to the level I expected from him (finally)
  • Gerald Green making about the amount of progress that I expected
  • ummm,... help me out, are there any more?

Pierce and Wally have been out or banged up and even when they were healthy, they couldn't overcome the lack of contributions from the rest of the team.  Solid guys like West and Gomes that I thought we could count on for steady performances have been up and down and hurt all over.  Practically everyone has taken a turn on the injured list and on a couple of occasions we haven't had enough players to scrimmage 5 on 5 during practice.

Our point guard play has been spotty at best (and terribly disappointing at worst).  We lost Theo before we ever knew what we had in him and the rest of the depth at center was decimated with injuries early and often.

Our coach hasn't been good enough to get this team to overachieve, but the team has been so banged up that the expectations for him are lowered to absolutely nothing.

Tony Allen was about the only pleasant surprise that I could look to and say, "wow, we've got more than we bargained for here."  I was in favor of trading him, but only because I thought we had a lot of players at the 2-3 spot and we might fill some holes with him as bait.  However, I was just coming around to the idea of keeping him around so that he can be that energy-boost, lock-down guy for us off the bench.  Maybe someday he can come back and fill a Bruce Bowen-lite type role with us.  But he had more upside than that because of his explosiveness.  I'm no doctor, but I can't imagine him ever being 100% again.

About the best thing I can say for this season is this:  We needed to bottom out at some point, it might as well be now.  They don't exactly print that up on season ticket promotional flyers, but in the long run it might be for the best.  Cleveland had to bottom out to win the LeBron sweepstakes.  Even Denver and Toronto got turned around in that draft with Melo and Bosh.  I think we are looking at another draft like that.  Sure, we could miss out on the best talent and get Tim Duncan'ed again, but I'll take that gamble to get a once-in-a-lifetime talent like Oden or Durant.

I still have my dream of a 20 game turnaround from this year to next.  I don't think that is so crazy.  We still have the potential to make some real progress and the flexibility to make some big moves.  I was just really hoping to see more progress this year.