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Pierce Likely Out Till Break

Peter May reports:

"They're treating it like a break," he said. "It's close to a break. At the beginning, everybody thought it was going to be like two or three weeks. But as time went on, we've been taking X-rays every week, and it's been worse than everybody thought."

Pierce, still wearing a protective boot, said he would like to play "in a couple weeks," adding that the boot is likely to remain on for at least another week. That would mean at least six weeks from the date the injury was diagnosed.

"I'm hoping we can take the boot off in another week, maybe get a couple of days of practice in about 10 days from now, so that's what we're kind of targeting and we're going to go from there," he said. "We're going to be extra careful. It's been feeling pretty good lately. A lot of the pain has gone away, [but there's] still some slight pain in there. We'll probably wait until right before the All-Star break, give it a shot, and see how it feels."

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