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5 Things We've Learned Recently

  • Rondo is going to be our point guard.  While I like him coming off the bench as the primary backup this year, I don't think we can keep him out of the starting lineup next year.  Which is fine because...
  • West is really a better 2.  I agree with Eric Weiss and others on this point.  (In fact, I guess this isn't so recent a revelation, but he's playing much better since getting healthy)  He should be shooting the ball off screens and driving the lane once that opens up.  Still, I like that he can play some point.  He'll need to because...
  • Telfair has been a bust.  There's still time for him to turn it around, but I'd much rather have Raef and Brandon Roy or Rudy Gay right now than Theo and Telfair.  Of course I may change my tune if Theo's deal can be used in a big trade.
  • Gomes is that "big 3" the team has been looking for.  Some call him "tweener" but I call him versatile.  How he plays each night will depend on matchups, but I have no issue penciling him into the 3 spot for the rest of the time Pierce is out, and maybe even longer.
  • Perkins is still hurt.  I really wish he'd sit out and rest that foot but he's too much of a tough guy.  I admire his desire to step up for the team when it is low on healthy bodies and thin on the post, but he's a shaddow of his former self.  I'm also starting to worry about his long term health.  Will he be able to come into camp fully healthy next year and beyond?  Will he be able to last a whole season without another major injury?

As a bonus, I'll throw this thought in there.  The biggest difference between Jefferson in his third year out of high school and Green in his second year out of high school is consistency.  On a good night, Green can drop 20+ on just about anyone.  On a bad night, he can be horrible.  Right now, Jefferson is bringing it every night.  Even on "off" nights, he's still rebounding the heck out of the ball.  I believe that next year at this time we'll be looking at Green having a lot more consistency in his game.

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