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LeBron Comes To Town

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LeBron James and the Cavaliers come to town tonight as the Celtics will finally get some home cooked meals and a reasonable start time for us East Coast viewers.  Meanwhile, the team is still realing from a hard West Coast road trip that produced only one win.


Even with all the injuries and the absence of Paul Pierce (stress reaction, left foot), it was the kind of trip that makes observers wonder whether Doc Rivers's days are numbered.

But Ainge disagrees:

Reiterating that Rivers will remain with the team through the season, Ainge said he saw a team finally dealing better with adversity, whether it was injuries, fatigue, turnovers, or missed shots. He particularly liked the passion brought to the floor against the Trail Blazers.

"I feel like we've had some good moments, but we've been very inconsistent," said Ainge. "Our defense has been lackluster and our turnovers [17.4 per game] are hurting us. I'm just looking for positive things going on, like with Tony and Al. I see some positive things with Gerald [Green] and Rajon [Rondo]. We need our veteran guys to step up a little bit right now, and I'm anxious to get Paul back."

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