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Gerald: Part Two

Holy cow. Apparently I wrote about one of the most polarizing topics possible. Maybe if I had written about Doc being a great coach (for the record I've said the opposite for two years ) the response could have been more negative.

Apologies to those Gerald lovers out there, apparently I forgot that Gerald was above any kind of criticism. Is Gerald really the laziest Celtic? Who knows - not me - the title of the piece was a tongue in cheek expression of my frustration with Gerald, not a condemnation of a should be college sophomore. My fault that was lost on people.

Here were the points I attempted to make in the last post. I think Gerald needs to be more aggressive and I would like to see him take fewer threes. The latter point is purely because I want Gerald to be more dangerous, and round out his game.

Defensively, Gerald needs work - as does everyone on the team. I still believe he doesn't hustle enough with his on the ball defense. Gerald is just as good of an athlete as Tony is, so Gerald should be able to hound a dribbler with the same intensity that Tony does. Why he doesn't get in his man's shirt is simply a matter of desire to me. Post defense is another matter entirely, Gerald isn't strong enough yet, so I can't fault him there, his strength will develop. Off the ball, Gerald struggles, as does everyone else on the team.

Offensively, the Cleveland game, and to a lesser the Portland game somewhat, bore out my point. The drive against LeBron to bring the Cs to within 2 with 0:30 to play is exactly, exactly what I was referring to. He made a strong move to the basket and was rewarded for it. Gerald has that ability to get to the rack - he doesn't need to camp behind the three point line all night.

Gerald is shooting 3s at a fantastic clip, one that surely provides him the latitude for a number of attempts per game. But that does not mean he has to take every opportunity provided to him.


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