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"Beat LA" Never Sounded So Lame

In the now distant past, "Beat LA" was a rallying cry. It was a cocky "bring it on" that we would chant at the end of the Eastern Conference Finals when we already knew the current opponent was beaten. Now? Now it is a pitiful plea. Please, please beat LA and end this streak. If the team loses to the better Lakers team tonight it will tie a record in futility shared by that other terrible team from 10 years ago. Many believe that team "tanked" its way to the most lottery balls, only to have the basketball gods frown upon them.

The accusations are starting to build up steam again. At first it was subtle jabs. Mostly message board extremists crying conspiracy. Then writers like Marc Stein talking about Pierce's "mysterious" injury. Now we have whole articles written flat out accusing Ainge of masterminding this losing streak.

Personally I don't believe anyone in the organization wants to lose, at least not on purpose. But frankly, I've lost the urge to get offended by the talk. I'm not going to get all worked up and indignant, questioning the writer's integrity and professionalism. Not because I think he's right, but because I'm tired of the subject.

I'm tired of the losing. I had plans last night, forgot to tape the game, and when I remembered, I didn't even care. Big deal. Another loss. I'm sure I didn't miss much.

Moral victories are long gone. It is time to get a few real ones. A win against the Lakers to break the streak before it becomes record setting would be nice.

Just win guys.  Beat LA, ...please?

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