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Rosen Evaluates The Celtics

Charlie Rosen breaks down the Celtics and separates them into "keepers" and "trade bait."

I usually take Rosen with a large grain of salt because he frequently comes across like a shock jock by being harder on people and teams than my personal taste.  This time, however, he gives a very detailed and largely positive spin on the Celtics youth movement.

The article appears to be based mostly upon a one game evaluation (the Cavs game), so he might be underrating some (he calls Perk a stiff) and overrating others (he talks about Tony's "smooth stroke").  Still, it is about the most detailed and accurate evaluation of the team I've seen recently.

Then again, maybe I'm just embracing the message when it is positive (he says Jefferson will be a force for years and Green will be a "top 10 scorer" soon).  I'll have to remember this the next time I am overly critical of one of his overly critical articles.

Here is his conclusion.

So what do the Celtics need in order to resurrect the glory days?

Not all that much. Just a true point guard. A power forward who can rebound and block shots. And a coach with more imagination than Doc Rivers has.

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