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CelticsBlog Server Went "BOOM!"

The service outage many of you may have experienced this afternoon was due to "catastrophic" hardware failure of the fancy-smancy quad Opteron server on which CelticsBlog is hosted (I won't mention any names YET). Evidently the machine did a little more than throw a rod. It apparently blew the crankshaft, heads, intake manifold and hood completely off, smashed the windshield, took out the streering, wrecked the transmission, blew out the rear tires, dropped the rear-end and burned up its parachute!

They've been swappin', swappin', swappin' hardware and assure me everything is going to be ok now. I know that makes me feel better, how 'bout you? Yep, not a bit. Me either... we'll see. By my count, it took them over an hour and a half and spoiled not only my schedule for the afternoon, but my otherwise peachy disposition. It tells me that this wasn't a matter of a hard drive, ram chip or router conking out. It sounds more like somebody dropped their burrito and Jolt cola into the thing and they practically had to put together another rackjob from scratch.

Anyway, RIP old server. May you end up in a landfill. I get the itchy feeling our new dinosaur body parts server will be there with you soon to provide some companionship.

We will take this down in a little while. Just wanted to let everyone know the reason for the service interruption. 


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