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No Place Like Home

Both the Globe and the Herald check in with stories about how poorly the team is playing at home (they have a 4-11 record in Boston).  Delonte has one theory:

“I think it’s tough at home for younger players because the fans and everyone is there watching, and they want to play so perfect,” West said. “You don’t want to make any mistakes in front of the home crowd. And Boston’s a tough crowd. Guys tend to tighten up a little bit and don’t play as freely. They’re afraid to make mistakes. On the road, we understand it’s just us, and we don’t worry about mistakes. When we’re playing free like that, we’re a better team.

Oh well.  Time to grow up and play in front of any kind of crowd guys.

Cheap Seater slandman33 had some thoughts on this phenomenon as well.

Speaking of homes, I found it interesting that Doc confirmed yesterday that he was not going to make any home purchases in Boston until the offseason while denying rumors of an offered buyout.

Rivers doesn’t want to get into the subject, but with just a year left on his contract after this, it is fair to assume he would need some assurance from the club that he’d be staying longer before moving his family up from Florida.

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