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Boston Celtics/Minnesota Timberwolves: 10/10/07 - Open Game Thread

I'm coaching today during the Celtics game (damn time zones) but will DVR it. Some things I am thinking about:

  • Will the Celtics show progress on defense?
  • Gerald Green. Of all the ex-Celtics playing for Minnesota he intrigues me the most. Don't get me wrong, Al Jefferson and Ryan Gomes are better. But Green's jump shot is outrageous. Can he take the next step?
  • Theo Ratliff. Is he really healthy? I'm not buying it.
  • It is a proven fact that young teams in the NBA struggle. Last year's Celtics are a phenomenal example. And the Timberwolves are incredibly green. It is interesting to be looking at it from afar.
  • Corey Brewer. How does his game translate to the NBA? He was one of my favorite prospects from that draft class. I hope he makes it.