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Boston Celtics/Minnesota Timberwolves: 10/10/07 - Recap

My favorite sequence

The Celtics led 44-41 with 2:40 left in the second quarter. Rajon Rondo brought it up court, drove into traffic, jumped with no real plan in mind and threw the ball away. Now that was terrifying. However, Paul Pierce tracked down the ball along the sideline and fired a pass to Kevin Garnett who was cutting down the lane. Garnett jumped, caught the ball, landed and immediately threw it to Kendrick Perkins for a monster dunk. As the Timberwolves crossed half court Marko Jaric threw a lazy pass to Ryan Gomes. Garnett deflected it back across half court and raced Gomes for the ball, diving in the process. Gomes hit the deck as well but Garnett wrestled it away and threw it to Rondo. Rondo then found Ray Allen for a open three that did not go down. For the record Garnett hit the deck during the second preseason game. That's Dave Cowens style intensity. For some reasons the announcers did not feel the need to even address this hustle play.

Following Allen's missed 3 Marko Jaric raced down court and picked up a foul on Rondo. Jaric proceeded to make 1 of 2. Rondo brought it back up the court, handed off to Perk just inside the three point line. Perk drove to the left with his right and handed off to Pierce around the elbow. Perk immediately rolled to the hoop. Pierce dribbled to the to the top of the 3 point arc, drew a double and dished it to Garnett on the wing. Garnett immediately threw it down low to Perk for another monster dunk. And this time it was a reverse. Back on defense Pierce deflected an apparent Ricky Davis shot attempt. Rondo grabbed it and threw it ahead to Ray Allen for a dunk. Celtics 50. Timberwolves 42.

  • Hubie Brown's broadcasting partner mistook Ray Allen for Rajon Rondo. I'm not exactly sure what his angle was. But on the play in question Allen knocked down a jumper. Granted Rondo was in the vicinity. But it was a Ray Allen jumper! Let's just say his form is a little different than Rondo's.
  • At one point Hubie Brown said Kevin Garnett is a young 30. And a big part of his explanation had to do with the fact that Garnett knew the history of the league from the day he arrived. Granted this is out of context and as the old saying goes Hubie Brown has forgotten more basketball than I'll ever know. But I'm not sure anyone with 12 NBA seasons can be called young for his age.
  • Hubie led a relatively lengthy discussion on Jaric's struggles since landing in Minnesota. At no point did anyone mention that his game does not translate to the NBA and for all intents and purposes Jaric is a stiff.
  • Rick Davis was lights out in the first quarter.
  • Seriously what is the over under for Perkins' dunks this year. I'm going to put it at 170, take the over and pray he stays healthy. And yes that's Dwayne Wade/Carmelo Anthony territory.
  • It's downright surreal to see Theo Ratliff running around.
  • Who is going to get minutes in Minnesota? So many young guys.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about Hubie's repeated use of "we" whenever he talks about the NBA. Example. "Ray Allen is one of the best shooters we've ever had in the NBA." Ultimately I'm cool with it because it's Hubie freaking Brown. But if Chuck Swirsky said it...well I'd mock him.

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