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Just some notes on a sleepy Wednesday morning:

  • So Juwan Howard would like to be traded to the Celtics.   Tell him to get in line.  Boston has become the new "destination" spot for players tired of their current situation.   Of course most players are very difficult to trade for because we have to match salaries and we don't have many movable salary players.  But wait until the offseason when we have the full MLE to use.  Agents will once again come calling to the Celtics instead of the other way around.
  • I think that Garnett is way too classy to ever say how he truely feels about the Timberwolves organization.  There are surely some people left there that he is friendly with, so he wouldn't want to drag them or the fans into the mud.  Still, you just get the sense that he's more than a little bitter that so many years of his career were wasted.  I can't blame him.
  • Everyone loves Perk!
  • McHale may not be the best GM in the world, but he's still a great quote:
"Our league’s become a jump shooting league for big men, and I think if you look around the league, whether it’s Dirk Nowitzki or whatever . . . Dirk Nowitzki was the MVP last year. You know, going into the paint is not a very common thing. Ever see invisible fencing for dogs? They get there and go . . .," McHale said, pulling back with a fearful look and barking. "They won’t go in there."

Overall, I predict KG will average 17 points, 16 Rebounds, 7 Assists, and 2 Blocks per contest. Those are MVP numbers, and accordingly, I predict that he’ll win his second MVP trophy this season.

  • Don't forget the NBA Previews.  Today it is the World Champion (is that title still valid? discuss) San Antonio Spurs