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Alright, I know I've posted several recaps from last night's game, but I have to include a link to one more.

College Wolf of TWolvesBlog posted a recap of the game that was basically the same post that I did with different words.  I'm not accusing him of stealing material, it is all his stuff.  I'm just saying that we must be long lost brothers or something, because we come to the same conclusions on just about everything.  Compare with my recap.

  1. we both questioned Big Al not getting the ball enough
  2. we both used the Ratliff joke
  3. we both ripped on Hubie Brown
  4. I didn't mention it in my piece, but I've always been a Gomes fan - I'm still mad that he was included in the deal
  5. we both rip on Mark Blount at any opportunity
Good stuff.  I highly recommend TWolvesBlog for following our old mates.  Especially since they scooped up Sonia from I Heart KG fame.