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Depth Charges - Part 2

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Now we’ve seen two preseason games played and we (in theory) should have a better hold on what the depth chart looks like.  So let’s dive into this again.

The Starting Five: Rondo, R. Allen, Pierce, Garnett, Perkins

If anything I’m even more excited about this group (if that was humanly possible).  We all knew the big three (notice how I use that un-capitalized – this is my compromise) were going to be great.  We just didn’t know how great they would be together.  So far they are a self led symphony.  Sometimes they take turns stepping up and dominating a game (like they’ve been doing all their careers).  Sometimes they play off each other in a game of "who ya gonna guard?"  The passing has been superb and it starts with the big three.

Almost as exciting has been the play of the other two starters.  Both know their roles and both have fit in exceedingly well.  And both have given us early surprises.  Rondo has shown a better shooting stroke than we remembered him having (at least from mid range).  Perkins is starting to look more like his pre-injury rock-solid self.  He’s finding open area, finishing around the basket, and throwing bodies around like a WWE star.

Rotation Guys: House, T. Allen, Posey, Scalabrine, Powe

The one move from last time is the demotion of Pollard and promotion of Powe.  I just can’t hold a spot for someone that missed so much time last year and hasn’t practiced with the team for one minute of camp.  Meanwhile Powe was the first off the bench in the first game and held out of the second one (probably because his position on the team is secured).  He’s made progress in the last year and has a combination of skill and toughness that I’m sure the team will use effectively.

House has been more exciting than expected.  Allen has been up and down …literally.  Did you see him get up on that dunk?  And when he came down, we all held our breath.  Posey hasn’t stood out much, but has shown himself to be a defensive pest.  Scal has hit a few shots and made some nice passes.

Deep Reserves (Cut watch): Pruitt, Jones, Manuel, Wallace, Davis, Batista, Pollard

Once again, Pruitt and Davis are most likely safe.  Batista might have a leg up on Pollard right now just because he’s been able to play.  I still see the cuts coming from the Manuel, Jones, Wallace group, with Wallace probably having the best shot at sticking with the team (and going straight to the NBA D-League).

What are the chances that Pollard could get cut if he can’t play the whole preseason?  Will Batista get a spot by attrition?  How long till Manuel gets his first professional bucket?  As preseason progresses we’ll keep tabs on these questions and come up with some more as we go along.