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Cavalier Attitude    
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Daily Links   
Herald   Older, wiser, better    
C's set to meet expectations      
New lineup perking him up   Celtics/Wolves post game press conference   
Loy's Place   KG agrees with me   
CelticNation   Roster considerations       
Red's Army  There's no place like home          
YAY Sports    Europe is now called Rondo land   
Fake Teams   New Big Three = same old disappointment      
Reveal Manchester   Randomness in the UK     
CBS Sportsline   At passing glance, K.G. In green looks 'different' to former team    
Boston Daily    The genius that is Big Baby     
Sporting News   McHale sizes up Jefferson        
Jefferson aiming to fill big shoes in Minnesota      
Simon on Sports    Hollinger is close but not quite right      
Yardbarker   Celtics will help the Pistons this year      
Bleacher Report    Why the Celtics won't win the NBA title      
Celtics 17   Preseason predictions Atlantic Division    
Courtside View   Postcards from Fitchburg    
Shamrock Headband  British invasion                
Got Garnett   The hustlers