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Cleveland Cavaliers Preview - YAYSports!

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cle.gifCleveland Cavaliers - YAYSports!
Last Years Record: 50-32
Key Losses: I don't know - go look at like one of the 500 sites that tell you such things.
Key Additions: Nobody.

1. What significant moves were made during the offseason?

As has been widely written about already (nay, endlessly), the Cavs made no moves this summer, outside of the current game of chicken being played between management and free agent foreign people Sasha Pavlovic and Anderson Varejao.

While one could easily get all bent about this, I tend to lean toward approval. Danny Ferry has shown that he's not going to just go spend the MLE simply to appease message board posters, bloggers, and ESPN columnists.

There was nothing out there, so he didn't run up the cap (which the Cavaliers are already over). I'm not entirely thrilled to have the same team back, but I'm also realistic enough to know there wasn't much to be done.

They'll look to improve on last year through improvement of young players (LBJ, Boobie Gibson) and the idea of having a team that knows each other, ie chemistry. Perhaps they could also give over 60% effort for more than one playoff series - that way they'll be better AND I won't have to boycott watching them for over half the season like 06-07.

2. What are the team's biggest strengths?

Defense and LeBron.

3. What are the team's biggest weaknesses?

Offense forever. They stand around. They don't move. They watch LeBron. The biggest improvement this team could've made would have been adding an offensive guru assistant coach type.

Coach Mike [Brown] continues to act like it doesn't matter, and plays the, "We went to the Finals - what else do you want?" card.

4. What are the goals for this team?

Publically, to win a championship. Privately (and none of them will say it out loud or to each other), they'll feel lucky to get back to the Finals. They had an easy road, the only good (ie watchable) basketball they played all year was the Spurs game in November and the Pistons series.

As always, if LeBron decides he wants to go hardcore, all predictions are voided. The man can do anything when he decides he wants it, and everyone else falls in line.

Personally (if you can't tell), we're apathetic about this team and the season. While personnel is a problem, the bigger problem was getting an offensive system in place, which could've been done but wasn't. (As far as we can tell so far.)

5. Where the heck is your Who Shot Mamba? movie?

The WSM? website ( will be live within two weeks, and that's going to answer a whole heck of a lot of questions of that nature. It'll also inspire about 50 more questions of a different nature.

Hopefully everyone will stop being so ANGRY about it and realize we're dropping a bomb on the entire internet, though.

Predicted Record: 51-31 (In grand, frustratingly lethargic fashion.)

Predicted Number of Games The Cavalier Will Watch: 47