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Celtics Links - 10/14/07

Boston Herald
Garnett drops back to pass. Green Bandwagon Note - Mark Murphy is right on with this one. If you care about basketball Kevin Garnett's passing will make you down right giddy. Quite simply he plays basketball the right way.
Posey feels for Toine. Green Bandwagon Note - I've always resented Pat Riley's place amongst the elite coaches in NBA history. But ultimately guys buy in for him. See O'Neal, Shaquille. And in the NBA that is more than half the battle. But back to Antoine Walker. I never thought of him as a model of physical fitness. And it seems a little late in his career for that to chance.
Vets are good fit with Doc. Green Bandwagon Note - Keep rolling out articles like this one. All they do is remove Rivers' excuses. I'm excited.
Buffalo has top billing in Powe's world. Green Bandwagon Note - I was not going to link to this article until it hit me that I have never mentioned my appreciation of Marshawn Lynch on this blog. Let's ignore the fact that he is one of the lone bright spots on my fantasy football team. That's not even important. The bigger issue is that Lynch has some Delonte West potential.
I really enjoy "Beast mode" and "It don't get no better than solid baby." And those might not even be the highlights.

Boston Globe
Celtics relying on three again
Notes from around the NBA from Peter May.
Celtics Blog
CelticsStuff Live with Marc Spears 7pm.
Loy's Place
Getting to know Jackie Manual.
Celtics 17
Clearing the air with Hollinger. Green Bandwagon Note - I enjoyed the entire premise of this article.
LA Times
Jackson questions Garnett's opinion. Green Bandwagon Note - Obviously I am going to side with Garnett on this one. Yet in a lot of ways he does have a point. Look at the moves the Lakers have made since acquiring Kobe Bryant. It's not pretty. And the biggest move of all, the Shaq trade, was not about basketball. Then things went from bad to worse when Caron Butler was shipped out of town for Kwame Brown.
Shamrock Headband
Fake observations from fake games.