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Cuts Coming Soon?

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Peter Stringer of is reporting:

With 17 guys still on the roster, Doc Rivers said he expects to make cuts as early as this week, with some coming as soon as before Wednesday's game. While the team will need to make two before the season starts in November, Rivers said the team my trim down to just 14 players to provide roster flexibility in case the team wants to make a move down the road.

But perhaps most importantly is getting more practice time in for the rotation guys who'll be on the roster next month.

"[We probably have] too many guys. I want to get my guys reps," Rivers said. "We're not like teams like the Spurs or Detroit who want to keep 17 guys so they can get their guys rest. They know what to do, they know how to play [together], they've been through everything. We haven't been through anything."

I think it will be Manuel and Jones to get to 15.  If they go down to 14, then it gets interesting.