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Celtics Links - 10/16/07

The Shamrock Headband
Johnny Be Good. Green Bandwagon Note - I agree strongly with Tim on this one and think Rajon Rondo will do a lot of good things for the Celtics this year. But it will be important for coaches, fans, media and bloggers to have patience. Granted that's not exactly a Boston virtue. But I am far more concerned with where Rondo's game is in May than where it is in November.  
Watching the Celtics very closely. The other day I was thinking about how much more often the Celtics have been on TrueHoop. In then it hit me. The Celtics are better. They are one of the big stories in the league. This is not exactly ground breaking stuff. But it was a nice realization.
Kevin Garnett is superbad.
Red's Army
Why don't we love Scal?
Loy's Place
Most unusual Celtics records.
Courtside View
Cuts likely coming soon.
Boston Herald
Jones puts up his best defense. Green Bandwagon Note - It's nice to get some info on Dahntay Jones. But I was more interested in the fact that the Celtics might be looking to get down to 14 players on the roster. If Scot Pollard is included in that 14 then it would really be like having 13.
Boston Globe
Celtics prepping House for point job.
Big Baby is still growing.
Anticipation is still high for Garden debut.
Pioneer Press
Deadline for Al Jefferson contract extension nears.