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Can he keep his jersey?

I have to be honest I was a little surprised to learn that Esteban Batista was the first to go. This comes right on the heels of Peter F. Stringer typing a sentence we should get used to, "But they'll have to do it shorthanded as Scot Pollard is out..." After Kendrick Perkins, who still has to establish himself as a guy who can stay healthy and out of foul trouble, what do the Celtics have at the center spot? Leon Powe? Glen Davis? They're power forwards and arguably undersized ones. Is Batista a stiff? Things are starting to heat up as the season approaches.

On a side note, Stringer also reports that Tony Allen will be out tomorrow. I'm okay with that one. I'd like to see them take their time with Allen. I realize he is probably sitting because of an elbow to the face. Still don't rush that knee.