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Lots of news and notes today.  Some little bits here and there. We all know who the bubble guys are but we aren't given much clue as to who will actually get cut.  It really sounds like Doc is intent on getting down to 14 players so that we can pick someone up during the year if need be.

Here's a sampling from the morning papers: 

Marc Spears reports on Eddie House:

"He hasn't been asked to run a lot of point guard," Rivers said. "I don't know if anyone knows if he can or can't. No one has given him a chance to do it. But he's been very good for us running the team. He also hasn't been asked to play defense a lot, but we've asked him to do that and he's doing that. So, I'm very happy with him."

Said House: "Anybody can start the ball and bring up the offense. That guy is really not the point [guard]. He could be [a small forward]. But that's the luxury this team has . . . we can all start the offense."

Mark Murphy looks at Dahntay Jones:

"(Jones is) close to making the team. He’s right on the line," Rivers said. "It’s not going to come down to if he’s one of the better guys in the group. It’s going to be what we need, and based on that, who we want to keep."

Rivers has no doubt Jones will play for some NBA team this season. At the moment, the coach just isn’t sure if Jones’ skills are precisely what the Celtics need.

Souza looks at the cuts and has a quote about Batista:  

"He’s doing all right," Rivers said of Batista. "He’s still learning. I don’t know how ready he is, honestly."