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Boston Celtics/New York Knicks: 10/17/07 - Game Preview

Every basketball blogger should make a point to play some pick up at least once a week. Lately I've gotten into the routine of getting out on the court  2-3 times a week. And it reminds me of any number of things. For example I caught an elbow to the chest two weeks ago and it still hurts. Granted I don't have access to state of the art medical treatment and I have not really done anything about it. But it wasn't a Dikembe Mutombo elbow either. I for one forget sometimes how hard it is for players to perform at a high level over the course of an NBA season, particularly given how physical the Association is. However, I bring up pick up basketball for another reason. I had been playing mainly half court 3 on 3. Well lately it has jumped to full court 5 on 5. And the difference is tremendous. It became a lot more crowded and difficult to work in the paint. And the NBA is exactly the same except everyone is bigger, stronger, faster and bigger. Yeah I typed bigger twice. So I'm interested to see how the Knicks use Zack Randolph and Eddy Curry. That's a combined 545 pounds assuming you believe their listed weights (Curry - 285, Randolph - 260), which I certainly do not. You mean to tell me Eddy Curry does not weigh 300 pounds? Anyways I'm looking forward to this game for a number of reasons.

  • David Lee. For a guy who hates the Knicks as much as I do, even I'm surprised how much I respect Lee's game. I was hoping the Celtics would sign Reggie Miller, Penny Hardaway, Allan Houston or anybody really and somehow trick Isiah Thomas into dealing away Lee. Although I'm pretty sure, those old Darius Miles trade rumors aside, Thomas knows what he has.
  • Nate Robinson is crazy. For some reason I want him to mix it up with Leon Powe.
  • You can see how Knicks fans can get excited. Q is healthy, Jamal Crawford is healthy, Lee is healthy, Jared Jeffries is healthy, Curry and Randolph can score, I love Renaldo's game and so on. They really should be an exciting team. I just wonder about their defense and envision dysfunction hitting them hard at some point. Also there has been reasonable evidence on YouTube that Stephon Marbury is completely out of his mind. But I'll hold off on that for now though.
  • Does Jared Jordan earn a spot with the Knicks?
  • Allan Houston. No really Allan Houston?
  • Even though it is the Knicks it is still a preseason game. I just don't get up for these. Once again I hope everyone stays healthy, Knicks included, and Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins get more and more comfortable.
  • As a side note New York's roster situation is even more interesting than Boston's right now.
  • Anyone ready for a cheap shot made possible by Fashionable Male on Flickr? You knew this was coming.

Last but not least, check the always entertaining Posting and Toasting for New York's side of the story. There is nothing yet because as I post this it is 1:40 in the morning the day of the game. But I always enjoy P&T's take.