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Most Unusual Celtics Records

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Here's a fun post by FLCeltsFan on LOY's Place with several of the most unusual Celtics records (from a book by someone named Kerry Banks).  Here's my favorite:

Only Coach to Punch Out an Opposition Owner During the Pre-Game Warm-Up
Red Auerbach, Boston, April 6, 1957
A dispute over the height of the basket at Kiel Auditorium before game 3 of the 1957 NBA Finals led to a confrontation between Celtics coach Red Auerbach and Hawks owner Ben Kerner. When Kerner began screaming obscenities at Auerbach, the Boston coach decked him at midcourt in front of a sold out crowd. Kerner, who suffered a bloody nose, was escorted back to his seat while Auerbach returned to the Boston bench and the game proceeded. Auerbach was fined $300 for the punch. If the move was designed to fire his team up, it failed to work. St. Louis won 100-98.

Ahhh, I do miss Red.