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New-Look C's To Make Garden Debut Tonight

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There’s no place like home. After a long, two-week trip to both Rome and London, fans grew antsy to see their new club play in front of their home crowd. Their wish has been granted, as Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and the gang will make their TD BankNorth Garden debut tonight as the Celtics will host the New York Knicks in their third preseason outing. Although it is just a preseason game, it’s a highly anticipated one. For those who still don’t believe everything has registered in their brain even up to this point, something should click tonight; for we’ll see the new star-studded trio take the floor in their authentic white uniforms. For those of us who won’t be attending the game, we shouldn’t feel disappointed. Just be thankful that we’ll have some real lighting in this arena, as opposed to the utter darkness we received on the CSN feed while the C’s were in Europe.

bos.gifProjected Starting Lineups

C Eddy Curry / Kendrick Perkins

PF Zach Randolph / Kevin Garnett

SF Quentin Richardson / Paul Pierce

nyk.gifSG Jamal Crawford / Ray Allen

PG Stephon Marbury / Rajon Rondo

Key Matchup

Eddy Curry vs. Kendrick Perkins

From a sheer talent standpoint, the Garnett/Randolph matchup might be the most intriguing to most casual fans. However, we know what they are going to bring. Even though this is just a preseason game, it will be very interesting to see how Kendrick Perkins handles both Curry and Randolph. He has been particularly foul prone over the course of his young career, but he knows as well as anybody else that he needs to keep himself on the floor in 2007-2008. Tonight’s game will be a great test for Perk, and it will be interesting to see how he handles the Knicks frontcourt duo. Will he play solid defense like he did last season in New York, or will he pick up quick fouls against the offensive savvy Eddy Curry and/or Zach Randolph in the post? They are surely a load to handle, but let’s hope Perk plays smart basketball tonight.

Get your popcorn ready, Boston. You’re in for a treat tonight!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007 – 7:30 pm ET
TD BankNorth Garden (Boston, MA)
Game aired on Comcast Sports Net