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Kobe Here? Nice Try Marty

For those that care, Marty Burns listed the Celtics in the possible locations Kobe could end up.  His proposed deal: Pierce and Rondo for Kobe.  Nope, no way.  I wouldn't trade Pierce for Kobe straight up.  Its a chemistry thing at this point.  See the full Burns quote after the jump.

2. CELTICS -- An intriguing newcomer to the Kobe Sweepstakes, the Celtics could offer Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and some other spare parts. Pierce is an All-Star, and he's from the L.A. area. From Boston's standpoint it makes sense, assuming it wouldn't mind adding another gargantuan salary to that of Kevin Garnett's. Bryant could replace Pierce's scoring while providing a better perimeter defender to go with Ray Allen. However, the Lakers would probably need more than just Rondo in return -- even with Pierce as the main chip.

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