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Don't Blink!

Every now and then I read something in the off season and it does not register until months later. That's exactly what happened with the announcement that the Celtics would send players to the NBDL team known as the Utah Flash. Not only will guys go from the Four Seasons to the Holiday Inn, they'll have to do it in Utah. Granted the NDBL is hit or miss when it comes to cities. And I can't imagine Celtics players on the LA squad. But Utah? On the bright side the Celtics have struggled defending the pick and roll for a while now. Hopefully the Flash, inspired by their Jazz affiliation, will run the pick and roll well. That way the 13th and 14th men on the Celtics might learn how to defend it. Or they could just watch Kevin Garnett. Either way, "Don't Blink!" Yup that's the Flash's slogan.

I bring this up because a post on Celtics Blog reminded me of the Celtics' affiliation with the Flash. Also it looks like Brandon Wallace will make the squad.