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Doc In A Hooded Sweatshirt

Doc's comments (as quoted by Scott Souza):

In a move straight out of Foxboro, Rivers did his best to douse the preseason crowning of his revamped squad following a 90-minute workout at HealthPoint.

"I was happy with a lot of things but we have a lot to work on," he said about 14 hours removed from a 101-61 lambasting of New York at the Garden. "Obviously, you look at the score and you get caught up in that. I’m not. I’m not going to let them either. I told them that this morning.

"I said: ‘First of all, we’re 0-0. We haven’t won a game,’ " he continued. "I told them we broke the rules on a ton of little things. We are not going to be a good team if we don’t do the little things.

"Even if that was a regular season game, and we won like that (I wouldn’t be satisfied)," he concluded. "If we break the rules that we broke yesterday when it is a big game, we couldn’t win that game."

While Rivers didn’t get into specifics, some of his complaints had to do with defense - even though the Knicks shot a robust 25.9 percent from the floor - and others were about how the reserves ran the offense in the second half. Despite pushing the lead from the 20s to 40 points in the end, Rivers seemed to indicate the bench unit did it more with individual plays than by sticking to team concepts.

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