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Boston Celtics/New Jersey Nets: 10/19/07 - Open Game Thread

I'm going to steal 4 quick points I made about the Nets a month ago:

  • How good is Nenad Krstic? A lot seems to be riding on the answer to that question.
  • There is nothing wrong with Jamaal Magloire's game that lowering one's expectations can't fix.
  • Sean Williams blocks shots. I for one like the guy and was upset to see him drop to the Nets. Unfortunately he was the bad guy on a Boston College team, which also had a player that jumped out a second floor window to escape drug dealers.
  • I've been pushing this last one for a while now.  There is a Sean Williams/Marcus Williams joke/fake promotion just dying to be made. So far I've got "Smoking and Stealing."
Celtics Questions
  • Can Kendrick Perkins and Leon Powe stay out of foul trouble?
  • How will Rajon Rondo look against Jason Kidd?
  • Will the second unit start to look less like the 2006/2007 Boston Celtics?
  • Can Eddie House really play the point?
  • Will James Posey be more aggressive?

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