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Boston Celtics/New Jersey Nets: 10/19/07 - Recap

Back in July I looked at Jack McCallum's Unfinished Business, which is awesome. I was reminded of it tonight when the DCU Center's floor was not up to the task of hosting a NBA exhibition game. Why did I think of it? Consider the following, which I wrote the in July,

"If it had not been made clear in previous years, the 1991 season definitely hammered home the fact that the Boston Garden was inadequate. The cramped locker rooms, treacherous bathrooms, pitiful sound system that thwarted "The Kids" from spicing up pre game with some rap and the fluctuating temperatures were all unfortunate. But when the C's actually had to postpone a November game against the Hawks when unseasonably warm weather resulted in a puddle filled court, the writing was on the wall."

Thankfully they canceled the game. I was absolutely terrified as the attendants worked overtime to wipe the floor during stoppages of play. Can you imagine one of the Celtics' stars getting injured under those conditions? Of course Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson and Nenad Kristic were out of harms way. And that's why I love Tommy Heinsohn. He got all worked up, said the Nets' decision to leave those four behind was "bush", called for David Stern to take action and  decided that Boston should return the favor on Tuesday. This is ten times worse than when LeBron sat out that game in Manchester last year. In conclusion the Nets have now joined the Lakers, Bulls, Pistons, Knicks and for some strange reason the Bucks on the list of teams I hate.

And yes I realize that I linked to myself twice in this post. I'm not proud.