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Celtics vs Nets Preview 10/19

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Boston Celtics vs New Jersey Nets
Nets LogoFriday, October 19, 7:30 pm Eastern
Preseason game #4
TV:  Comcast SportsNet
DCU Center, Worcester, Massachusetts

Chat Game Thread 

Nets Coverage:  Nets Daily,   Hooplah Nation

The Celtics are facing one of their division foes in the New Jersey Nets.   They will face each other again in the preseason in New Jersey on October 23.  If the Celtics are to contend for a championship this season, they have to go through New Jersey first.    But the lineups that face each other in this game will  probably be much different from the ones that will meet in the regular season.

The Celtics are 3-0 in the preseason and the Nets are 2-1, having lost to Charlotte.  The Nets have been without Jason Kidd who is sitting out with a back injury.   That could spell trouble for their season because often when an older player has a back problem, it plagues them for the rest of their careers.   The nets played last night and beat the Knicks 11-=94 with Armstrong in the starting lineup in place of Kidd.  Pollard will be out for the Celtics and Tony Allen will be a game time decision. 

In his interview after the game, Richard Jefferson stated that some of the players won't be making the trip to Boston.  He didn't specify which ones, but it could mean all of the starters, or just Jefferson and Carter.  Either way, we will be facing a Nets team far from full strength.   With 4 games in the next 5 days,  Doc has mentioned that we won't see all 3 of our big guns playing at the same time over the next 4 games.  If the Nets sit out their front line, Doc may very well sit out all 3 of our stars.  So, predicting starting matchups and key matchups because coaches will be resting key players and looking at players on the bubble.