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Celtics Links - 10/20/07

Boston Herald
Pruitt making  a point, KG's passing, Barros back with Celtics.
Celtics and Nets slip up. Green Bandwagon Note - I know it was 73° in Worcester and the Ice Cats play hockey there. But since I'm from Worcester I was not surprised in the least. This is the city that initially turned down a convenient exit from the Mass Pike. Yeah why would you want to make it easy for people to come from Boston? And it kills me to admit this because I'm a borderline jingo when it comes to defending the Worcester.
Celtics Blog
Phases of the game.
Loy's Place
Definitely different - Celitcs win 36-33.
Celtics preview
Worcester Telegram
6 arrested at DCU fracas.

"It was out of control and I didn't feel like it was safe for anybody. There wasn't enough security with all the people out there and they were also so excited to be on the floor. I think we did a pretty good job of trying to sign all the autographs that we could." - Kevin Garnett
Green Bandwagon Note - So Worcester, yeah.
Red's Army
Atlantic division preview.