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Pacific Division Slogans

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Golden State - After toppling the heavily favored Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs last season the Warriors instantly became one of the feel good stories of the year. And there is a lot to like. The run and gun style, their beer drinking coach, Baron Davis and a whole host of characters, including the team captain. That's right Stephen Jackson. He may have to sit out the start of the season because of a suspension but I don't think he's trying to change his image. Hell the Warriors even have the best fan blog. Just a fun organization in a lot of ways. That's why their slogan - "One Goal Focus Direction Team" - is such a let down. Blah.

Special thanks to reader Fly Gerald Fly for the heads up on Jackson's tattoo. Hell I'll even post it below because it is so surreal.

LA Clippers - Surprise, surprise. They don't have one. Good for them. Although in their defense Elton Brand and Shaun Livingston will be out for quite some time, no one knows what they will get from the Caveman and Sam Cassell's health is never a sure thing anymore.

LA Lakers - It is a little known fact that I hate rampant, seemingly never ending trade rumors. Granted everything worked out in the end after years of Kevin Garnett talk. But this whole Kobe Bryant situation could ultimately destroy my will to even talk about the Lakers. Why don't they do everyone a favor and unleash a "Kobe Bryant is Awesome" ad campaign? It can be that bland as long as it helps quiet speculation about where Bryant might go. Or they could trade him. Long story short they don't have a slogan this year.

Sacramento Kings - We all know that Ron Artest and Mike Bibby could depart via a trade. And no one is sure if Brad Miller will bounce back or if he will fit into the Kings' new style of play. But would it kill them to run a Kevin Martin centered campaign? I mean come on. Do something.

Phoenix Suns - When the Clippers don't have a recognizable marketing slogan I understand. The organization has a history of ineptitude, despite strides in recent years. But the Suns? I always think of them as one of the more together organizations in the league, minus their whole disregard for draft picks. I know, I know it is luxury tax based. And to be fair there is a slight possibility that the combination of the phrase "Planet Orange" and the question "Are You A Citizen?" serves as a marketing campaign. But it has an incredibly low profile on the Suns' website so I'm not counting it. And would it kill them to put the incredibly sensitive Shawn Marion into the picture below? Why not throw him a bone?  

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