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Boston Celtics/New Jersey Nets: 10/23/07 - Open Game Thread

It has officially hit the point of the pre season where I'm just not that interested. Yes I'm worried about the Celtics' bigs. And I am concerned about the point guard position as well. And I want to know who makes the final roster. But the games don't count, Jason Kidd won't play tonight, and few of the Celtics will probably be in street clothes as well. So I'll keep this brief and leave you with what will keep me watching:

  • Sean Williams. I love shot blockers.
  • Bostjan Nachbar. Does this guy have a cult following yet?
  • Tony Allen. It is early but chances are I was way off about him when I argued that Celtics fans should expect little from him, particularly early on. Even with the brace Allen is in attack mode. I'm thrilled. He is one of my favorite players on the team.
  • Speaking of Tony Allen. If he contributes from day one the Esteban Batista cut is a head scratcher.

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