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Celtics Links: 10/24/07

Boston Herald
South African knows what C's Ubuntu is all about. Green Bandwagon Note - Every time I forget about Ubuntu it comes right back. I wonder if they will still be talking about it in June.
SI jinx? Maybe so after loss. Green Bandwagon Note - I have never put much stock in the SI jinx, except for the case of Nomar Garciapara posing shirtless and then losing his career. I think more often than not the SI jinx deals with people coming back to earth. For example if Kelly Holcomb (429 yards and three touchdowns) and Tommy Maddox (367 yards and three touchdowns) had made the cover after their epic playoff meeting people would say they were jinxed. In reality they were not that good. Long story short I'm not worried about the Celtics on SI.
NBA looks at Pierce, Perk's hamstring keeps him out. Green Bandwagon Note - Remember when fouls like the one in the short clip below led to two free throws and...nothing.

Boston Globe
Bird pays DJ tribute. Green Bandwagon Note - Check this article out. It goes well beyond remembering Dennis Johnson as a player.
Physical play pushed limits.
Loy's Place
Celtics bench versus Nets starters.
Doc's orders. It starts out as a Celtics recap of sorts and then links to this must see video.
NY Post
Celts say don't look past Nets. Green Bandwagon Note - After mocking the Nets earlier in the pre season I am now regretting that decision. By all accounts they are better than last season's edition.
Garnett sings praises of Knicks' Randolph. Green Bandwagon Note - Seems like the Celtics are praising everyone. Not a bad approach. However, I'm running with the idea that Garnett is a genius and this is phase one of his plan to create a rift between Randolph and Eddy Curry.
Sports of Boston
10 Reasons Why the Celtics Lost to the Knicks.
Fox Sports
Preseason hardware picks. Green Bandwagon Note - Been a while since a Celtic was in the mix like this.
The Shamrock Headband
Raining on the parade
CelticBalla32's Boston Celtics Blog
Big Baby shines in sloppy loss at New Jersey

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