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ESPN the Mag: NBA Preview Celtics Cover

I've never been a big ESPN the Mag fan. It's birth seemed to coincide with everything I hate about the decline of SportsCenter - music through highlights, less highlights, less sports and so on. But I had to post the clip below for a few reasons. First of all it involves Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. So it has to be important. Secondly it looks like they genuinely enjoy each other. I don't see any Kobe Bryant/Karl Malone potential here. And finally Green Bandwagon reader Ted sent this along. I'm still at the point where I would post hate e-mail. So thank you for the heads up Ted. And yes I am upset that I can't figure out the HTML situation to post ESPN video clips.

P.S. When the guys grab the green paint it symbolizes what I hate about ESPN the Mag.