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Is Pierce The Weak Link?

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Chris Mannix looks at ways to beat the Celtics, and one of the only things he can come up with is to hope that they beat themselves by not getting along.  He indicates that Pierce might be the most likely to dissent.

Pierce, however, is in a unique situation. He has been a star since his first game with the Celtics in 1999, aided in part by Antoine Walker's willingness to cede the spotlight. But the Boston fan base will embrace Garnett in the same way it has embraced David Ortiz and Tom Brady. Garnett's trademark intensity will draw fans to him and, consequently, away from Pierce. I'm not saying Pierce won't handle it gracefully. It's just that no one is dead certain that he will.

Mannix is clearly looking for kinks in the armor.  That's his job as a writer.  I just don't see it.  Pierce isn't the kind that seeks out the limelight.  If anything, he's had to deal with the added pressures of being "the man" since Antoine left.  He hasn't always handled it well.  So in that sense I see how he's the likely weak link.  Still, I can't see him pulling the "I need to get mine" card now that he's finally got the teammates he's been pining for all these years.