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Perkins Not 100%

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Mark Murphy reports:  

As expected, Pierce, Allen and Kevin Garnett were held out of last night’s game after logging heavy minutes in a game with regular season intensity Monday night in New York.

More alarming was the decision to sit Kendrick Perkins for the second straight game. The big man has tightness in his left hamstring.

With Scot Pollard still recovering from a deep bone bruise in his right ankle, Perkins is the only serviceable center on the roster.

"I’m concerned," Rivers said. "It’s in the hamstring area, so we’re not taking any chances. It’s clear from the (Knicks) game that having Perk would have made a big difference. But I won’t allow him to practice until I think it’s perfect."

Perkins wasn’t as worried.

"It’s nothing serious," he said. "But a pulled hamstring is nothing to play with. I’m not worried, though."