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Now I Can Really Root For The TWolves!

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ESPN is reporting that Antoine Walker is being traded to the TWolves for Blount and Davis.

Sources told that the Heat will soon complete a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves to acquire swingman Ricky Davis and center Mark Blount.

The latest incarnation of the deal, according to one source, has Miami sending Antoine Walker, Michael Doleac and Wayne Simien to the Wolves for Davis and Blount.

Minnesota initially balked at taking back Walker in the deal, sources said, but it's believed that the Heat will send the Wolves at least one future draft pick to push the trade through.

Of course this helps the Heat (depending on your opinions of Ricky and Mark).  Still, all my favorite ex-Celtics are now on the same team.  Now I can watch them grow and learn and wiggle and the losses that pile up won't hurt my team.  How fun is that?