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Southwest Division Slogans

Houston Rockets - It's time. I'm okay with this slogan given how important this season is for the Rockets. Do your realize it is year 4 for T-Mac in Houston? Meanwhile, Yao Ming is entering his prime, Bonzi Wells is healthy and motivated, Rafer Alston has not been arrested for public intoxication or charged with assault for a nightclub incident in close to two mothns, Shane Battier is a glue guy, Luis Scola is promising 27 year old rookie, etc. Although we may have reached the point where people are too excited about the Rockets.

Memphis Grizzlies - New Game. What it lacks in excitement this slogan makes up for in accuracy. This could be a really fun team to watch. They're in my top 5 in fact. Doesn't mean they a championship contender. But without making an earth shattering trade the Grizzlies look like a whole new team. Pau Gasol is healthy, minus the recent ankle sprain. And Memphis went as far to have training camp in Spain and bring in Juan Carlos Navarro. Speaking of Navarro the point guard position is fascinating with him, Mike Conley Jr., Kyle Lowry and Damon Stoudamire. And there are numerous other players to watch - Hakim Warrick and the Serbian gangsta Darko just to name a few. And don't forget about Mike Miller and new coach Marc Iavaroni.

New Orleans Hornets - When I did my initial research New Orleans appeared to be going with "Passion Purpose Pride." However, they're currently giving "Halloween at the Hive" a strong push. To be honest the franchise is in a tough spot because it will never be as cool as the 90s Hornets. Remember when the Charlotte Starter jackets were everywhere? Ultimately I just want these Hornets to stay healthy so I can enjoy watching them.

San Antonio Spurs - They don't need a slogan. Why? See picture below. Although if they had any sense of humor, like  (courtesy ofTrue Hoop) they would trot out some sort of geriatric theme. Of course that would be insulting and I would mock it.

Dallas Mavericks - I definitely saved the best for last on this one. However, I am despondent that the Mavs do not have "Maves Fever Catch It Spread It" prominently displayed on their website. Any time a slogan inexplicably makes me think of herpes I have to praise it. Well done Mark Cuban and company. Well done.

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