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Will Walker Be Bought Out?

McHale has to cut some players.  It sounds like Simien will be one of them.  Will Walker be another one?  It isn't mentioned specifically here, but I'll bet they are considering it.  (Pioneer Press)

antoinewalker010.jpgVice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale said he might not be done making moves. If nothing else, the Wolves have to trim at least three players off the roster to meet NBA rules. How McHale will do that remains to be seen. Another trade remains a possibility, along with waiving players and/or buying out contracts.

The deal gives the Wolves 18 players, and the regular-season roster limit is 15. McHale hinted that at least one of the players acquired in the trade will not be on the roster soon, but he wouldn't elaborate.

It wouldn't be shocking to see Doleac and/or Simien not with the team by 5 p.m. Monday, the league's deadline for teams to set their Opening Day rosters.

Walker and Doleac could arrive in Minnesota today. Simien won't be brought in right away, which leaves his future in limbo as the Wolves contemplate other moves.

"It's a deal that I'm not sure all the players are going to report here," McHale said of the trade with Miami. "We've got to make sure all the players are healthy. We've got some other stuff that we're probably going to do inside this deal. There's a lot of business going on. We'll see what happens."

"We're just going to see what happens," said Walker's agent, Mark Bartelstein. "We'll take it a day at a time and see how it goes. He's a great player. He plays hard everywhere. There's no sense jumping to conclusions."

More details after the break.

Update: CelticsThug reports that Antoine will be bought out and wants to be a Celtic.  Please address questions to him on that rumor on his blog.

Doleac, 30, is a 6-foot-11 center who has career averages of 5 points and 3.4 rebounds. His contract is valuable to the Wolves because it expires after this season. He is set to make $3.12 million.

Simien, a 6-9 forward who was a 2005 first-round draft pick, has had tough luck. He missed 53 games because of injury or illness during his first two seasons in the NBA. He has career averages of 3.3 points and 1.9 rebounds.

Simien had left knee surgery this summer. He appeared in just one game for the Heat this exhibition season.

Simien will make $997,800 this season. The Wolves hold a team option for the 2008-09 season, meaning they can bring him back or let him become a free agent.

Walker has four seasons left on his contract, but only the next two seasons are guaranteed. He is owed $8.3 million this season and $9.05 million in 2008-09.

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