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Celtics Links: 10/26/07

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Boston Herald
Perkins is KG's center of attention. Green Bandwagon Note - ""Horrible. Horrible." - Kevin Garnett's response to how he feels about playing center. If there is anyone out there who was still doubting how important Perk is that should answer those questions.
Refs broke league rules. Green Bandwagon - I guess if players can go to casinos refs should too.
Boston Globe
Wallace in, Jones and Manuel out.
Garnett Perked Up By Center's Return.
Celtics Blog
Mailing it in.
Loy's Place
NBA Preview Magazines Part 1.
NBA Preview Dime.
Which Davis will show for Miami?
Red's Army
Celtics cribs.
Sports of Boston
Four Point Play.
Celtics 17
Cuts made early - Something in the wind?
Perk is a Beast
Perk's recent thigh troubles has the beast lair spinning in circles.
Celtic Thug's Blog
Antoine Walker wants to be a Celtic.
PR Inside
Celtic Pride is back.