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Daily Links   
Herald   Lebron:  Celtics looking pretty good    
Globe   Pinch me I must be dreaming    
Extension for Allen is unlikely  Bird and Carr open warm2kids learning center in DJ's memory     
LOY's Place   Celtics close out the Preseason in style   
HoopsHype   Predictions:  West is still the best     
Celtics 17   Garnett triple double in Celtics win   Garnett's triple double puts Celtics past Cavs      
Globe and Mail   Walker relieved to join the Timberwolves     
Enterprise   Celtics anxious to step up and join hoopla around the hub    
Plain Dealer   Celtics have their way with Cavs      
Worcester Telegram  Celtics hope Boston success is catching    
Akron Beacon Journal   Cavs fall as preseason ends  
Hoopsworld   New Big Three Ready to usher in new era for Celtics      
Live Journal   Full court press     
Star Tribune   Learning small forward is Gomes ticket to more minutes     
Hawk Squawk    Watching Boston play Cleveland   
Shamrock Headband   Imposing power         
Shortness and tallness        
USA Today   Garnett's triple double leads Celtics over Cavs      
Walker joins Wolves, hopes to help their young players      
120 Proof Ball   Power Rankings  NBA's spies make detailed predictions     
Epic Carnival    40 ounces of guaranteed predictions      
Athlon Sports   Boston Celtics preview      
Parquet Wishes and Leprechaun Dreams    Virtual reality    
Drinking the Forty   Even the collective loathing of a nation can't stop Boston      
Sporting News   Raptors out to prove last season wasn't a fluke