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Preseason Wrap Up

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With all the exhibition games done, the Celtics final preseason record is 4 wins, 3 losses, and one Worcester.  The general sense of euphoria that recently saturated the great nation of Greenistan was moderated briefly after the visit to Gotham and Jersey.  Many Greenistanis became restless.  They questioned themselves:  "How is my depth?  What happens if the other team presses my vulnerable back up point guard?  My chest is pounding.  I’m having trouble breathing.  Where is my back up big man? Will help be coming soon?"

All good topics for thought, especially difficulty breathing. 

Read the rest after the break. 

Hey, It’s preseason.  The team was 4-0 playing their starters.  Let the real games begin.  Two quick wins and everybody will be flying high.  Two quick losses and there will be widespread despair.  That’s just human nature.

My unsolicited advice: Gently down the stream.  It’s many months to springtime.

The Celtics do need another big person.  Danny Ainge saw what you and I saw.  As we speak he’s working on acquiring another exceedingly large individual.  

In the meantime Kendrick Perkins’ hamstring remains #1 on the most watched muscles list.  If Perkins is healthy, then Garnett can stay at power forward; no one can use brawnyball on Boston; the interior defense  and rebounding is fortified; and the Celtics will win as they should. But if Perkins is out teams can take advantage of Boston inside as the Knicks did in Madison Square Garden.  

* Here’s another important factor to keep in mind at season’s start— Do you recall how exceptionally good Phoenix was last year?  Well remember this- they started really REALLY slow.  They got Euroed, suffering a debilitating case of communal jet lag and began last year 1-5.  It took them a month to feel normal.  

For this reason only, I don’t like the overseas exhibitions.  I would not be shocked to see Boston start out fairly slowly as well.

* I’m highly optimistic about this season, but as long as I’m complaining, here’s everything else I don’t like right now:

1) I have mixed feelings about the new Comcast Gary Tanguay/Donny Marshall studio.  It should be green.  Blue?  What is this the Knicks pregame set?  

2) I don't like this unoffical "Big Three" ban.  Tommy Heinsohn was saying "Big Three" before sinister forces seemingly got to him.  GPA, PGA, New Three, Trio Grande, Triumphant Triumvirate— give me a break!  Do you think Larry, Kevin, and Robert care?  This isn't like the King Arthur saga where Pierce, Allen, and Garnett have to jointly pull the sword from the stone to claim their rightful place on the throne of England.  It's a simple descriptive phrase.   "Big Three."  Tommy said it.  I just said it and there were no lightning bolts.  Everybody can say it.  Anyone who doesn't want to, doesn't have to.

If the phrase was sacred, they wouldn’t be able to use it in New Jersey to describe Vince Carter and his cronies.

3) Scot Pollard's ankle.  I don't like it unhealthy.  Somebody fix it.

...That's all I got.  That's how magnificent a summer this has been.  I love this team.  I'm ecstatic.  Look- there’s a few more holes to be corked, but this is all very exciting and I can't wait for the real games to begin.

* Defense.  Mike Gorman made a wise comment on CSL last Sunday about how much he liked the Celtics on defense.  If it's anywhere that the Celtics are being underestimated by followers of other franchises (those poor lost souls) it's on D.  This is going to be a fine defensive team.  Pierce is way better than given credit for.  We all know what Perkins and Rondo can do.  But mostly it's Kevin Garnett (at power forward please).  The big tickety fella just ties the whole thing together.  You can't go inside on Boston anymore.  Most teams will have to resort to outside shooting to compete with the Celtics.  Most will fall short. long as Perk’s hamstring is ok. Everything depends on having a big strong guy in the middle.  

By the way Thank You Justin Poulin for adjusting the Celtics Stuff Live podcast so it doesn't break up on me anymore. (The CSLers are very good and well worth a listen for anyone who hasn't heard their show.)

* Big Baby looked great against Cleveland and in the Izod center (Cripes I hate arenas and stadiums being named after corporations.  It’s like selling your soul.)  Glen Davis has a chance to be fabulous.  I really really hope he’s able to work his way into the rotation at a not too distant date.  In limited minutes, he seems to push the WOW! button at least a few times a game.  Danny Ainge is uncanny in the second round.  

* Oh yeah on that Minnesota/Miami trade:  Yipes!  Are you freakin’ kidding me?!?  Hang on.  I gotta edit myself here.  (After some sober thought I deleted the two scathingly over the top paragraphs I wrote right after hearing about this.)  

ahem...   Instead I just hope everyone involved becomes a contributing member of society, that no one is too flabby to meet Miami’s scrupulous body fat standards, and that all future three point attempts resulting from this deal are sane shots with a reasonable chance of going in.  Let’s just leave it there.

*  That’s it.  The 2007-2008 festivities commence in a few days.  For what it’s worth (very little, believe me) here’s my prediction:  One more roster move early.  An uneven start, picking up steam after a few weeks.  Season record: 50-32, though it could be better if they have excellent health.