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Don't Panic! (Maintenance Tonight)

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After reading how important this site is to many people, I feel like I need to warn you before making any sudden movements.  So here's the announcement before the announcement before the big deal.

The site will be down for a few hours after 11:00 PM EST tonight.  This is NOT because of any server issues or anything bad or threatening in any way.  It is so we can backup the site and upgrade some back end systems and whatnot.  Situation normal, everything's fine here, are you?

If everything goes well, we'll have more fun stuff for you very soon.  If not, just forget you ever read this and carry on.

Update: In terms of the fun stuff, check out our new Community Forum , where you can find out where everybody's from, wish them a happy birthday, discuss your obsession with Celticsblog, and get advice on what to do with birthday presents from your ex-girlfriend.  Enjoy. -R.H.