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Kobe To Bulls Talks Ongoing

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ESPN Reports:

The Kobe Bryant-to-Chicago trade talks are very real, and they've been real for a while.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls have been having daily discussions about Bryant trade possibilities for at least the past week, with Bryant's no-trade clause throwing a unique wrench into the situation, according to sources.

The Lakers are asking for a package built around Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah, which is more than Chicago is willing to surrender. Also, Bryant would not want to play in Chicago if the Bulls surrendered all four of those players, believing there would not be enough talent left to compete for a championship, and he would veto that trade even if the Bulls and Lakers were both in favor of it.

This thing is going to happen.  You can just feel it going that way the same way it felt before AI was traded and before KG was traded, etc. 

And I get the feeling that the Lakers will be the ones caving and taking less for Kobe. 

That would be bittersweet since it means the Lakers implode but then Kobe is in the East.  It will be interesting anyway.