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Quest for Sneakers

Have you ever tried to buy sneakers in New Hampshire? Depending on your preference, it can actually be quite difficult. You can go to places like Foot Locker and wade through seemingly disproportionate amounts of Brand Jordan sneakers and hanging around kicks. Or you can go to department stores and find a surplus of low end New Balance sneakers. And don't forget about Olympia Sports where the sizing options and variety are maddeningly narrow. Throw in my disdain for Nike, which stems from three injuries sustained while wearing football cleats displaying the Swoosh and one injury from soccer cleats (long story), and the degree of difficulty is raised that much more. Two weeks ago things were so bleak I ended up in a place called the Shoe Department. I selected a pair from New Balance, headed for the register and stopped ten yards short when something caught my eye. That something was a pair of blue and silver Adidas sneakers. I tried them on and actually thought, "Well I've never bought a pair from Adidas before. But they feel good and Kevin Garnett is an Adidas guy. Why the hell not?" Granted they were not the KG line. But I headed home with them anyways. Would I buy sneakers from Nike if Garnett left Adidas and signed with the Swoosh? Hell no. But outside of scrambling to find someone who could drive to Burger King at 3 P.M. on a Tuesday after my Mario Kart obsessed friends and I saw our first Shaq Pack commercial, I have never been this blatantly swayed by advertising. That's right it was 3 P.M. and none of us felt we could drive. That was my sophomore year of college. Read into that what you will. However, I'll be busy thinking about my newest revelation: Impossible is Nothing.