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bon.jpg The Red Sox are World Champions again.  They ended a historic title drought in 2004 and came back to win another title just 3 years later.  The Patriots established themselves as a dynasty by winning three titles this decade and seem to be steamrolling towards another potential title and maybe even a perfect season.  Even Boston College is in the thick of the BCS title.

I’ve been a Boston fan all my life.  My teams in the major professional sports are my home town teams. I grew up with them.

I remember Eason vs. Grogan, Victor Kiam, Bledsoe, Desmond Howard, and the Tuna.  The first time they won the title, I was blown away.  Nobody expected it and we all soaked it in.  But it wasn’t the Celtics.

I remember Buckner, Clemens, Mo Vaughn, Morgan Magic, and Aaron Boone.  When they won the title, it was huge for the city and a major relief.  But it still wasn’t the Celtics.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Red Sox and Patriots.  I am thrilled to see them win and win again (and again).  But basketball has always been number one in my heart.  I’m a baseball and football fan, but I live basketball.  It’s in my blood.  I don’t have to tell you.  If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know (and share) in my obsession.

So I have to admit.  I’m jealous.  Really, really jealous.  I want that.  I want what the Red Sox and Patriots have for the Celtics.  And I’ve felt this way for years, but I’ve never really let myself dare to hope for it like I will this year.

It hasn’t been this real, this close, this possible in far too many years.  And starting Friday night, we get to watch it unfold for the whole season.  The highs will be higher, the lows will sting harder.  Each game will matter.  We are actually playing for something this year.

The Red Sox have made it back to the top of the mountain.  The image of Papelbon ripping off his hat, screaming, and bear hugging Varitek is forever added into the files of my memory.  I am thrilled about that.  The Patriots are climbing that mountain right now.  They’ve been there before (Who could forget the image of Brady showered in confetti?) and they know the way up.  I am enjoying that ride too.

The key is the Celtics.  They stand at the base of the mountain with the best equipment they could possibly have.  They are staring up at the path ahead of them.  They have their eyes fixed on the peak.  They have no fear, only motivation.  And at their backs, they have me and you and a world of Celtics fans cheering them and pushing them on up the hill.

I can just imagine Paul Pierce standing on top of a table giving a hearty howl to the crowd.  I can picture Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo in a bear hug with tears in their eyes.  I can't even imagine how KG would flip out, running around, screaming into cameras, hugging 3 or 4 people at a time with his huge wingspan.  It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. 

The Red Sox have it.  The Patriots will likely have it again.  I want the Celtics to have it now too.