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Pollard Practices

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Peter Stringer of reports:

Reserve center Scot Pollard took to the practice floor Monday for the full session, and he was upbeat about returning to action, noting that he was taking "baby steps" toward being ready to go for Friday's season opener against the Wizards.

"I'm obviously not in basketball shape but it was good to get out and run around and actually be a part of the team on the court," Pollard said. "Hopefully, knock on wood, we're past the point of [my ankle] reacting a huge amount."

Also, it sounds like the Eddie House at PG experiment is pretty much over.

Said Rivers: "I'm not worried about his shot. I think taking him off the point, platying him and Tony together, it allows him to go back to what he does, and that's shoot the ball. When Eddie's trying to run the team, I think his shot suffers."