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Depth Charges - Part 1

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We’re only a few short days away from the first preseason game, so it seems like as good a time as any to bring out the Depth Charges series that I do every year.  We’ll keep track of who is going to be first off the bench at each spot and who is fighting for a roster spot.  We won’t restrict it to game performance because there are practices and minor injuries and things like that to consider as well.  So we’ll also weight in quotes from Doc and the rest of the C’s.

The Starting Five: Rondo, R. Allen, Pierce, Garnett, Perkins

Couldn’t be any easier this year.  Every spot is already preordained.  Only two spots (PG & C) could possibly be up for debate and they happen to have the least amount of depth.

Rotation Guys: House, T. Allen, Posey, Scalabrine, Pollard

I’m sure this will get the most debate because people will want to see the younger players in here.  However, until I see them all play and hear about someone young (like a Leon Powe for instance) taking a bigger role, I’m going to default to the vets.  I’ve said it before, like him or not, Scalabrine is going to play a role on this team.

One big caveat here is that most of the guys on this list have struggled with one form of injury or another.  The odds dictate that one or more of these guys (if not a starter or two) is going to go out for a stretch of games.  Who it will be and how long they’ll be out is up to fate.  When that happens, the guys in the next list will have to be ready.

Deep Reserves: Pruitt, Jones, Manuel, Wallace, Powe, Davis, Batista

If camp ended today and everyone was healthy, two of these guys would be cut and three would be inactive and probably sent to the D-League.

Let’s start with the easy ones.  Powe is on the team.  Period.  He’ll be one of the active players and likely will compete with the Rotation Guys for minutes.  Ainge used draft picks on Glen Davis and Gabe Pruitt, so I think they are safe for at least this year.  Davis appears to have more upside and talent but keep in mind Pruitt was drafted first and he might be able to play some point guard (a position of greater need).

Dahntay Jones is a veteran in this league and actually averaged 7.5 points last year (on a bad Memphis team).  That’s more than Scalabrine (4.0) or Pollard (1.0) or even Rajon Rondo (6.4).  Yes, I’m totally surfing the stats because I know little to nothing about him.  So shoot me.  By the end of training camp I’ll have formulated a fully justifiable opinion of him.  By then we’ll either all get to know him better or he’ll be cut and we won’t have to bother.

Two other guys that I’m having trouble with are Brandon Wallace and Jackie Manuel.  Part of me is confused why we had to bring in both players.  They kind of seem to duplicate each other.  Both are defensive minded, athletic swing players who didn’t get drafted and have a ways to go before they could crack this lineup.  On the other hand, you can never have too many guys like that around, so why not?  And Wallace will always get to point to Vegas and tell people he was the talk of Celtics Nation for a week.

Estiban Batista is perhaps the most intriguing of the bunch.  Partly because he tore up the FIBA competition and partly because nobody seems all that confident that Pollard is going to play all 82 games.  Early reports are that he’s looked very solid rebounding and even scoring but he’s got to keep working on defense.

Cut watch:
Right now it could be any two of the following – Manuel, Wallace, Jones, Batista.  I’m going to give the early edge to Wallace and Manuel.  It’s too bad we don’t have a more developed minor league system.  I’d love to hold onto more of these guys.  Oh well.

Feel free to discuss and debate.  I’ll try to update this list each week of camp.