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Doc Worried About PGs

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Bulpett reports:

"We’re trying to (move some players in with the key starters), but it’s tough with the format we have with the players," he said. "There’s just not a lot of point guards, so you’ve got to be careful of ending up with a guardless team. I’m trying to get (James) Posey and Tony Allen on that first unit. The guy we haven’t put on the first unit that we want to get on the first unit is Eddie House. Because we have a lack of (point guards), it’s just tough to do.

"With Gabe being out, it just shows how thin we are at that position. People keep talking about the point guard spot and they’re talking about Rajon. Rajon’s going to be fine. It’s what happens if he gets in foul trouble or one of the other guys can’t go. Then we’re thin."

My point exactly.